Marystown,      Newfoundland,      Canada

Structural and outfit detail draughting during the construction of an offshore anchor-handling tug.

Returning to the Rock some years later for similar work on a factory fishing trawler.


Marystown Shipyard - Newfoundland

   Colours of the Fall

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August 24-25, 1873

Known as the Great Nova Scotia Hurricane, the storm that ravaged the ports in this province of Canada had taken a great toll of shipping and of seamen’s lives before it ever turned inland.

In its wake 190 vessels of all types were lost, either by foundering or by simply being ripped in half.

The hurricane swept inland and up the Gulf of St. Lawrence on August 24-25, 1873.

It utterly destroyed the harbours of Nova. Scotia, Cape Breton and Newfoundland, in which 1,032 ships, only 35 were small fishing schooners, were demolished.

Property damage alone reached $5 million, and a conservative death toll estimated 600 lives lost. most of which were ships’ crew members.

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