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Time between projects has not been wasted,  having recently completed a Five Day 3-D CAD Course on the Structural Design Related Modules of PDMS. 

This course was taught on a One to One basis over five days, using Silicon Graphics Workstations with an IRIX Operating System

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During the As-Trenched survey of the 24" South Arne subsea gas pipe line 

on board the Hydrographic Survey vessel STM Atria, I was responsible for the AutoCAD development through the SeaChart software package.

The scan files which when received from the ROV through the On-Line room are processed to present burial condition of the pipe, then converted for AutoCAD drawing presentation.

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Prepared design layout & scantling drawings using AutoCAD R.13 on the "Aids to Navigation Service Vessel" designed by Hart Fenton. Followed by the fabrication drawings, which included the Fore Peak, Thruster and Anchor Integration, on the vessel being built by Damen Shipyards in Rumania with the final out fitting to be completed at their main yard in The Netherlands.

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ROV deployment from STM Atria

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