Durban,    South Africa

Handled the conceptual & design draughting for the fabrication and installation of H120, A60 and AO internal and external firewall systems on the Mossel Bay offshore oil and gas development platform.

Using Booth Industries approved firewall and door design as the nominated supplier I continued to prepare the fabrication drawings with pipe and ducting penetrations.

Drakernsberg - Transvaal - South Africa

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Another H.V.A.C. & Firewall Client  Booth Industries Ltd

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Other Relevant Experience

Originally from a shipbuilding background, I have considerable and varied experience in Marine & Offshore Design and possess a disciplined approach including the motivation to work without supervision or as a member of a project team dedicated to the ultimate goal.

I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to gain in depth experience in a variety of other disciplines one of which has been HVAC in both the Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries.

In 1975 I worked on the layout & fabrication detailing for the drilling & process areas on the SEDCO 471 Drillship in Halifax, Nova Scotia, followed in 1985 at Deborah Services on Tyneside when I handled the fabrication detailing on three process modules for Marathons Brea B platform.

The following year I was engaged by Cape Contracts also on Tyneside to do a similar project including the Plant Room layout & structural support design, when BP retained my services till load out for installation trouble shooting on their South East Forties platform modules on Teeside

In 1988 I visited Durban in South Africa to assist with the set-up of DSL Contracts offshore division who were also engaged in the Fire Wall design, fabrication & erection as well as the HVAC and resulting interface with A0, A60 and H120 walls and doors.

Cape Contracts recalled me in 1991 to handle the process & accommodation systems on the Saltire, Tiffany, Piper B and Ravenspurn platforms often working from and modifying the Flow Line Diagrams as the projects progressed.

In 1992 valuable experience was gained with trips offshore to the Piper B platform during its final stages of HVAC Commissioning leading up to the production of first oil. During 1993 I visited Abu Dhabi for Booth Industries to supervise the erection of A60 & H120 Firewalls for final certification.

Further commissioning was handled in Holland on the drilling facilities of the Alba Project prior to load out, followed by a trip to the Shell Auk platform to investigate area pressurisation differentials to compile a report on the safety standards with recommended modifications

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