1987          CLARENCE ERECTION Co. Ltd

Hartlepool,         Teesside,      Cleveland

Set up and managed a Design and Detail Office to prepare the fabrication and erection drawings for a six storey Chemical Process Plant being erected at Urley Nook on Teeside.

Developed the office standards and detail procedures for drawing preparation for the steelwork, cladding, equipment foundations and floors & gratings including material ordering for the entire structure.

Liasing with the client on modifications and additions to the original scope of work, taking the project through to presentation of the Final Account.

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Other Relevant Experience

Originally from a shipbuilding background, I have considerable and varied experience in Marine & Offshore Design, and possess a disciplined approach including the motivation to work without supervision or as a member of a project team dedicated to the ultimate goal.

I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to gain in depth experience in a variety of other disciplines one of which has been Civil Structural detailing.

I have of course a vast knowledge of ship structures, but in 1987 having previously worked briefly in structural detailing offices, and at ITM Offshore where I prepared the drawings of the portal frame warehouses for erection on the barges of the Flexiport, intended for Port Stanley harbour in the Falkland Islands,. I was engaged by Clarence Erection Co. in Hartlepool to assist them with a detail draughting project.

When I arrived with a fellow detailer we were lead into an unused office buried in a thick coat of dust and presented with the Design Consultants package for the erection of a six storey Sodium Sulphate Process plant, from which to prepare the fabrication details for the workshops.

Once the office was clean, stationary and equipment purchased with the scope of work assessed, I ordered the steel and sub-contracted the design of the Moment Connections, and hired a Consulting Engineer to design the sheer connections, standardised by beam depth to give a minimum variation in cleat angles.

With the aid of two more detailers, we completed the columns and cross bracing, followed by the floor beams with infill structure and equipment foundations. After the delivery of our bolt order, 450 tonne of steel work was erected with only two paired diagonal floor beams failing to fit first time.

We continued wall & roof layouts for the cladding and flashing details for the process plant, before completing the grating panel layouts for fabrication, galvanising & installation, while liasing with the client, workshops and erection team on site.

This was an enjoyable project during which I gained valuable experience and confidence in personnel & project management, continuing on through negotiations on variations to the scope of work to the presentation of the final account.

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Who Hung the Monkey ?

Not a question you ask at the bar in Hartlepool.

The story goes that during a severe storm at sea a French ship was wrecked on the shores near Hartlepool. 

The towns folk eager for some free loot from the vessel were on the beach at dawn, they also found a strange creature that could not be identified.

As Britain at that time was at war with Napoleon & France, they took the creature prisoner.

With none of the locals having been to France and no one knowing what a Frenchman looked liked, the monkey was imprisoned and interrogated at length to determine its origins .

Frustrated at not being able to get any answers from the strange looking survivor from the wreck, he was hung at dawn as a French Spy.

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