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Middlesbrough,   Cleveland,  United Kingdom

I joined the  project  team to convert the vessel MV Flexservice 3, to lay communication cables from the Netherlands to the UK, after completion of the conceptual design entering the feasibility and fabrication stage

The conversion involved the design and installation of reusable cable storage drums with linear drive transfer equipment, to lay the cable over the vessels stern with all necessary modifications to the ship.  

I managed the design detailing and supervision of the draughting team, before overseeing the onboard installation and preliminary equipment trails.

This also involved liaison with Det Norske Veritas and the and various sub-contract fabricators, until completion of the vessel, ready to leave Tees Drydock for cable laying sea trails.

  Cable Laying Plough

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Transporter Bridge built 1911 largest in the World

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Other Relevant Experience

Originally from a shipbuilding background, I have considerable and varied experience in Marine & Offshore Design and possess a disciplined approach including the motivation to work without supervision or as a member of a project team dedicated to the ultimate goal.

I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to gain in depth experience in a variety of other disciplines in both the Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries. In 1983 at ITM Offshore, I developed a method of laying cables in a transverse direction over the stern of the vessel which could detach and deliver the cable end to the beach.

In 1985 in the early days of Northern Ocean Services, I assisted in the preparation of variety of bid tender packages for cable & pipe laying projects. Followed by the conceptual design of a Multi-Purpose Cable/Dive Support vessel for BT Marine.

A visit to Soil Machine Dynamics up the Tyne valley in 1988 gave an insight into the handling of cable/pipe laying & trenching plough design & manufacture, as well as the design fabrication & testing of the A frame structures to deploy the ploughs from the stern of the vessel. During 1989 I assisted during the conversion of Flexservice 3 to lay subsea cables for Cable & Wireless by initially managing the detailing office followed by supervision of the fabrication & installation of the cable tanks, gantry and transfer / laying equipment while liasing with DNV.

At Coflexip Stenna Offshore in 1995, on Hamilton Oils ‘Liverpool Bay’ development project, I prepared subsea & topside structural fabrication drawings using AutoCAD R12 for the installation of flexible pipes & cables, being laid between platforms and subsea manifolds.

Over the Christmas period of 1998 I was involved with Seateam DSND on the as-trenched survey of the 24" South Arne subsea gas pipe line while on board the Hydrographic Survey vessel STM Atria. The scanned files when received from the ROV through the On-Line room were processed to present burial condition of the pipe, then converted using their SeaChart software package for AutoCAD drawing presentation.

The following year I did a similar project with Gardline Surveys on the pre-lay surveys for Alcatel, covering two routes for fibre-optic cables across the North Sea. While on board the "Sea Explorer" I prepared the presentation of the Bathymetric and Geological results for the final cable routes

Recently, I was engaged in a Senior CAD / QA position for the four month duration of the pre-lay survey of three segments of the Submarine Cable System for Tycom, Singtel and the Principal Sub-Contractor C&C Technologies, while en-route between Taiwan, China, Korea & Japan.

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